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Welcome; congratulations on finding the best back tax debt relief and settlement resolution firm in the nation. Home of no risk, triple guranteed (X3) tax relief services. I'm William McConnaughy, Certified Public Accountant, and I'm your Tax Help Pro. Please allow me to elaborate on the promises I made to you in my online ad that led you here.

1. Best results. This means I will secure a settlement of your delinquent tax accounts that allows you to keep as much of your money in your pocket either permanently, or for as long as possible. This may take the form of either an Offer In Compromise, Currently Not Collectible, Partial Pay Installment Agreement, Abatement, or an Installment Agreement. Click on Contracts & Fees in the top margin menu, then click Full Service Contract and see paragraph 1. This promise to you is in writing.

2. Lowest fees. This means I will beat any fee quote given to you by any tax relief company for similar services to be rendered. See paragraph 6 of the Full Service Contract. This promise to you is in writing.

3. No levies. This means I will take action to prevent bank levies, wage or retirement benefit garnishments from being issued against you. See paragraph 2 of the Full Service Contract. This promise to you is in writing.

$0 Down - Free Trial? I am so certain of my ability to help you that I am willing to show you what I can do with no payment due for services for the first fifteen days after you engage me, and double that promise to you with a full refund of fees paid within the first thirty days of service if for any reason you wish to discontinue my help. Guaranteed. See paragraph 15 of the Full Service Contract.

Free Settlement/Status Reports? Before you commit to paying me anything for my help I am willing to secure absolutely free for you a Settlement/Status Report wherein I will speak with the IRS or state on your behalf to determine exactly where you stand in their collection process, and then interview you to identify what must be done to set you up for the best possible resolution of your case. You have nothing to lose and everyting to gain from knowing this information. And you can have it before you pay me anything.

How can he do this, you may ask? Easy. By being one of the most experienced federal and state delinquent tax collection representatives in the nation. With nearly thirty years of professional practice, including work at the IRS itself as a Revenue Agent. I know the ins and outs of this business like the back of my hand. And unyielding dedication to excellence and ethical practice ensure that client satisfaction is always my goal, and is almost always achieved. Click on Recent Cases, and Client Testimonials for proof of what I am saying. If you like what you have read so far I invite you to click on the video spokesperson for a guided tour of all four corners of this website, and click on my video at the bottom of this page for a personal message from me to you. I encourage you to click on all available information contained in this website, as it is here for your protection, to ensure that you get your tax situation resolved in the best manner possible for you.

Some further thoughts about your situation. Experiencing financial hardship can feel hopeless. Many people feel as though there is nothing more isolating or embarrassing than having to live a life of hiding from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or trying to keep up appearances. You may think that no one understands or that no one can possibly help with such a difficult situation. When you feel stranded, it can be easy to think that your financial future is ruined.

I am here to tell you that there is a way out. Everyone will eventually hit rough patches in life, and many people experience financial strains in different ways. Just knowing that you are not the only one experiencing financial burdens should serve as a comfort, but if not, you should be reassured that there have been others who have traveled your path once before and have found relief by allowing me to help.

Individuals across the nation have faced the same troubles that you have faced, encountered the same hardships that you have encountered, and most importantly, have overcome the same challenges that you are about to overcome. There is a way forward. With a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), help can only be a phone call away. My office provides assistance with taxes and all related concerns, especially delinquent federal tax collection cases.

Find Out Where You Stand On Your Taxes - Get Your Free IRS Status and Settlement Report

About William McConnaughy, Tax Help Pro

As a former IRS Revenue Agent, I offer unique insight into all tax and financial matters that people bring through my doors. From the moment you initially contact my office to the final outcome of your tax matters, you can rest assured that I will be right by your side every step of the way. I proudly offer tax services that are highly personalized because I know how urgent tax matters can be. Time is ticking away, and your personal assets - some of which may be lifetime investments - could be on the line.

With my more than 28 years of experience and Master of Science in Taxation degree, I can be trusted to help you protect the assets and properties that you have invested time and energy in obtaining. I may have the experience and education to help you, but what truly sets me apart from other accountants is my personal approach to every client's situation. I know that your finances can often influence your personal well-being, so I handle every case personally. When you know your personal finances are in order, you can begin to experience the freedom of living life financially stress free.

Help from a CPA and former IRS Revenue Agent

Securing the services of an experienced CPA is crucial if you want to recover from financial hardship or tax burdens. It is the job of a CPA to translate and interpret financial information and to make smart and informed decisions to create the most successful and beneficial result for the client. While all CPAs are qualified accountants, not all accountants are CPAs. What separates me from competitors is a higher degree of skill, knowledge, and experience.

As a qualified Certified Public Accountant, I can help individuals achieve their personal financial goals. Whether you are experiencing temporary financial stress and need help with back taxes owed, late tax return filing, non-filed tax returns, or payroll tax problems, I can be of assistance. If your spouse's financial irresponsibility is causing you to lose a significant amount of money, I can help you recover financially with innocent spouse relief.

Individuals can benefit from my insider's advantage and knowledge of IRS tactics due to my former experience as an IRS Revenue Agent. Taxpayers dealing with IRS levies, liens, payment plans, seizures, or wage garnishment can all benefit from my services. If you wish to establish a path toward tax relief, I can assist you with tax planning and tax preparation as well.

Find Out Where You Stand On Your Taxes - Get Your Free IRS Status and Settlement Report

Contact William McConnaughy, Tax Help Pro Today

When you are ready for help, you have a team waiting to help you. When you consult with me, I can help you zero in on what exactly needs to be done in order to secure a satisfactory outcome to your case and achieve your financial goals. With my guidance, you can secure a settlement quickly and efficiently that can result in you paying the lowest tax possible.

Don't let perceived feelings of fear or embarrassment prevent you from seeking help from a Certified Public Accountant! In no way does reaching out somehow tarnish your self-image or reputation. By being open and receptive to assistance from a professional, you could find yourself in a much healthier environment filled with hope after the burden of debt is lifted.

When you contact my office to speak with a friendly and helpful member of my team, you will have the opportunity to schedule a free case evaluation. During your consultation, we can discuss your financial goals and needs over the phone or in person. If you wish to experience the great power of relief and peace of mind by dealing with your financial problems with help from a CPA, call my office today! I can provide you with a solution that can take away the energy-sapping and emotionally draining stress of tax debt all at a competitive price. The most effective solution that can help you return to a life of productivity could be waiting for you at my office. My primary task is to help you begin to chip away the tax burdens you may be experiencing, so call my office now! Ask about our FREE IRS status & settlement report, detailing exactly where you stand with IRS, and where you stand in securing the best possible settlement with them. Note that our chat service is available to help you 24/7/365 if you are visiting our website after normal office hours. Looking forward to speaking with you soon.

P.S. The internet is filled with so-called tax relief companies staffed with underqualified personnel, and owned by unlicensed operators who are not subject to any ethical regulations. If you are going to continue looking for help with your tax issues I strongly advise you to review another one of my websites at www.taxreliefscam.com. It will quickly show you how to avoid trouble you really do not need. The text and image link to this website can be found in my top margin menu.

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William McConnaughy is a certified public accountant with over 28 years of experience. As a former IRS Revenue Agent with a Master’s Degree in Taxation, he has helped countless individuals. Watch our video and contact William McConnaughy today for help with your tax needs.
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